Dr. Richard Johnson

Richard is a School Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor with the Greenville Independent School District.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Special Education. He and his wife, Gail, who is also a psychologist, have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Richard and Gail were high school sweethearts who met in a 10th grade math class. Together, Richard and Gail engage in counseling, play therapy for children, various forms of assessment and spiritual direction through the Whitestone Counseling Center at Pecan Grove.  They very much enjoy spending quality time together, boating, playing golf, and enjoying the outdoors.

Richard is a life-long Christian, and before entering the field of psychology was a full-time church pastor for 20 years.  He is in the preaching rotation at Pecan Grove and enjoys teaching adult Bible classes. He has a Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Sam Houston State University, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.