Children’s Ministry


Here at Pecan Grove we often joke that our kids outnumber the adults. And that’s just the way we like it!! Consequently, our children’s ministries are a vital part of the programs we offer.

Our leadership knows how important it is to capture children’s hearts and minds through programming and activities. We offer Sunday school classes, at the beginning of our time together, for many age groups: babies, preschool, early elementary, upper elementary, and youth group for middle school and older. We try to use multiple teaching approaches to provide a memorable experience through singing, crafts, cooking, games, and much more. Classes are offered on Wednesday night as well. As our children are growing up, we are developing a youth group. Our focus for the future will be establishing our young people as strong Christians through challenging programs and participation in youth rallies and community activities.

In addition to traditional Sunday school type programming, our children are very active in LTC, Leadership Training in Christ. This program is nationwide. We are a part of the North Texas Leadership Training for Christ which includes groups from several states and hosts several conferences in the Dallas area on Easter weekend. At this conference, the kids from 3rd grade up to 12th grade participate in a myriad of events revolving around a central Biblical theme that changes year after year.

Our children’s programs on Wednesday for this age group consists of preparation for these events starting in August until the conference each year. The events the kids participate in include: bible reading; Bible bowl and quiz; art; drama; song leading; puppets; teaching; website; speech; chorus and many more. Participation in each event is judged against a standard of excellence and the children are given medals based on specific criteria. Since 2008, our children have come home with countless gold, silver, and bronze medals and more importantly, a deep understanding of the Bible books that have been each conference’s focus.